Brent Bryson

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Golfer in Utah

Brent Bryson

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Golfer in Utah

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Things have changed with NETWORK MARKETING recently, I believe for the better. In today's NWM, it is hard to believe that any company does any of the following:

1) Charge a fee for distributors and customers to join or signup. Also, an annual fee.

2) Require monthly personal purchase minimums or auto-ship to to be eligible for commissions.

3) Use "now-or-never" compensation plan perks to new enrollees IF they purchase larger (more expensive) packages during initial signup.

This is the past. These companies put their distributors at significantly greater regulatory risks because they cannot afford the predictability that is associated with these outdated requirements.

I would rather have my teams money going to a product than a non-commissionable signup fee. Even if a commission was earned off signup fees, it could never make up for the lost opportunity associated. To build fast, signup fees need to be a thing of the past, where they belong.

Today, when I hear that a company still has any of these connected to the opportunity...

My strategy in life is simple: I make up for a profound lack of talent by refusing to quit. That's enabled me to accomplish almost every goal I've set for myself!

I grew up in Provo, Utah and while I've traveled all around the world I always enjoy coming back home. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. I studied "Marketing" in college. My first business was a tanning salon that I sold 90 days later and used the money to get into real estate. I've been an active real estate investor ever since. I've also owned 9 Subway Sandwich Franchises. It was my idea to put Subway Franchises into convenience stores and the Subway home office sends me thank you notes every year. I've been happily married for 30 years and together we have 3 wonderful children and two perfect grand children.

Years ago I realized that my active franchise businesses kept me so busy that I had no time to play golf or be with my family and friends. NO LIFE. So while I was making great lifestyle left something to be desired. 27 years ago I discovered the Direct Selling industry and have been with the same company ever since.

Is Social Media Marketing for you? Maybe not. But don’t be afraid to look.

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