Brent Coley

Elementary Principal in Murrieta, California

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Brent Coley began his career in education in 1996, teaching 4th and 5th grade for 15 years before moving into administration. He is currently Principal of Alta Murrieta Elementary in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District. He is also an Instructional Technology Leader in his district, helping teachers infuse technology into their teaching to support student learning.

Passionate about educational technology, Brent is always on the lookout for new ways tech can engage students and families while increasing student achievement. While in the classroom, he used math review videos and iPod flash cards to promote 24/7 learning, and his students shared their learning with the world through their daily blog and classroom podcast. Though no longer updated, his award-winning classroom website ( is still accessed by students and teachers all over the world.

Now in an administrative role, Brent strives to support teachers to improve their practice and integrate technology into their classrooms to maximize student learning. He connects with the community he serves through his monthly video message, Remind, Facebook, Twitter, and school website. He also shares through Twitter (@brentcoley), his "Teaching Tales" podcast, and his blog.

In 2019, Brent became a published author, releasing Stories of EduInfluence: 10 Life-Changing Powers to Unleash in Your School with EduMatch Publishing. In each chapter of the book, he shares stories from more than two decades in the classroom and front office, stories illustrating the life-changing power all educators possess.