Brent Hoare

Brent Hoare is the Greens candidate for Ward 1 of the Blue Mountains City Council, covering the upper mountains townships.

He is the father of two daughters and has lived, worked and been an active member of the mountains community for 14 years, including a number of long-term volunteer roles.

Brent is committed to serving the needs of the Blue Mountains community as a dedicated member of the new Green team on Council.

"Implementing core Greens principles of ecological sustainability, social justice, peace and non violence and grassroots democracy at the local level are the passions driving my bid to be your representative on Council."

With over 25 years experience in environmental campaigning at local, national and international levels, Brent understands the big picture issues our community faces. He works as a Policy Advisor for the Australian Refrigeration Association and is also a casual secondary teacher.

"We face many challenges in the next Council term, including financial, environmental and in maintaining the provision of local services."

"As your community representative, I will be responsive, accountable and open to all viewpoints in serving the common public interest."

"Please don't hesitate to contact me to share any concerns you may have - I look forward to working with you to achieve solutions."