Brent Kleiman

Advisor in Boston, Massachusetts

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Brent Kleiman is the founder& CEO of Argosight, which he founded in 2012 to provide customized talentacquisition solutions for high-growth organizations.

Previously, he was CEO of My Perfect Gig (acquired by Pinstripe in April 2012). In addition, he was an executive at (NASDAQ: SLRY), where he held various roles including SVP of Marketing & Strategy until their acquisition by Kenexa Corporation in October 2010.

Prior to joining, Kleiman served as President and CEO of Humetrics, a software provider focused on solutions for recruiting and hiring hourly employees. Humetrics was acquired by Deploy Solutions in December 2003. Post acquisition, Kleiman went on to hold several executive positions including Vice President and General Manager of the hourly division at Deploy Solutions (which was later acquired by Kronos), a top provider of applicant tracking software and services.

Kleiman began his career in general management and brand marketing at Procter & Gamble, International Distillers and Vintners, and Compaq Computer Corporation. He received his undergraduate degree in business from the University of Texas at Austin and MBA from Harvard Business School.