Brent Baker

If I had to summarize myself with one word, that word would be balance. Throughout my life keeping a good balance has been something I've always strived to achieve. Whether it was balancing school work and sports, to balancing my mood I always try and make sure things even up. So far this focus has provided me with some great experiences in life, which I am very fortunate. Professionally I've been able to achieve a successful college career in business, landing me in a marketing communications position at a multi-billion dollar international manufacturing company ( I have also been fortunate to collect a number of great experiences along the way, many of them which I have share with my family, friends, and loved ones. With still much to learn and experience, I challenge myself everyday and keep a focus on being well-rounded and balanced. Because I never know where I'll be, or what I will be doing. I try to keep track of these occurences using social media. If you do follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Foursquare... thanks :)