Brent Yessin

As CEO of MODUS Healthcare Manufacturing, LLC, Brent Yessin offers a valuable service to healthcare institutions, providing innovative construction solutions to build effective medical facilities for a world of decreasing health care dollars. In providing strategic counsel to executive healthcare leadership teams for over 20 years, Brent Yessin has gained a high-level view of healthcare systems that has allowed him to obtain a unique perspective on the need for a better approach to large, new capital projects. Now, Brent Yessin offers the solution with MODUS: 21st century Controlled Environment Construction hospitals designed by leading healthcare architects and veterans of the healthcare industry. With MODUS, clients enjoy reduced construction time and increased revenues. Brent Yessin’s MODUS products provide a distinctive solution to the challenge of escalating construction costs and allow healthcare institutions to save time and direct their services to patients more promptly. In addition to providing state-of-the art hospitals utilizing modern aerospace technology, MODUS Healthcare Manufacturing, LLC can facilitate savings of between 20 and 50 percent for large capital projects. Brent Yessin takes pride in the knowledge that healthcare can now be provided in a more streamlined and efficient way with MODUS. A graduate of Vanderbilt University Law School, Brent Yessin attended the University of Virginia to complete his Bachelor of Arts. Brent Yessin is also the founding partner of Yessin & Associates and Resonance Multimedia, and is Managing Director of Employment Relations Advisors, Ltd. He is a frequent seminar and labor conference speaker, and teaches continuing legal education courses.