Breonka Staton

Student in North Carolina

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"The biggest barriers in life are the ones that you allow to be. Nothing can stop you but it's up to YOU to realize that." - Breonka Staton .

My name is Breonka Staton I am a rising sophomore student at NCCU. I am currently living in North Carolina.

I am pursuing my degree in Hospitality and Travel Tourism Administration . My ideal career is to become a General Manager or a Distract Manager of a popular hotel or restaurant and travel the world.

My interests range from entrepreneurship to education. I am also interested in food, shopping, and fashion.

I am a hard worker aspiring to climb the career ladder inspiring others with similar backgrouds.

The good life is not always given to everyone , success is something i don't mind working for. A hard worker today = the boss or inspiration of tomorrow.

My main goal is to be productive successful and independent ! A role model for the future and a positive statistic instead of a negative stereotype for my college , my race and my community.