SLAYERS INC. S.W.A.T. ----- Bret "Doc" Culpepper

Actor-Stunt Gaffer-Slayers INC. S.W.A.T. Medic in La Verne, California

'Net reality series that follows the adventures of Bret "Doc" Culpepper, the last surviving Slayer Medic & the members of "Slayers INC. S.W.A.T.", Kelly "Dee" De Sarla - Slayer Aids Inventress/Conspiracy Theorist, Hunter "Jake" Ackerman - Slayer/Paparazzi Informant. As well as a small group of various other Slayers.

Slayers that have combined their talents to battle the Los Angeles Vampire Clan headed by Mega Corp. owner Vincent Marlow, Malice', Sociopath Fanger Lt. & his various Corporation Ladder Climbing minions. They run Los Angeles like the MOB runs New York, while we attempt to maintain our Day Jobs.

We are The Hunted - survivors of Vampire attacks who have banded together to protect ourselves from becoming cattle, so we take lots garlic pills so they can't track us.

Vampires have adapted to the world like cockroaches, they have infested all levels of society & don't wish to be outed. They are the Leaders of State, World Military, Law Enforcement, Medical Organizations, Courts, Industrial Military Complex, Pharma Corps. & Mega-Corporations.

They are Day-walkers, Religious artifacts don't bother them because it's a blood decease like Rabies & a Stake through the Heart only Ticks Them Off because you've just Ruined their Wardrobe.

They are 10 times stronger, 10 times faster & heal 10 times quicker then mundanes. Conversely because we've survived being Bitten & have not been turned, we're only 5 times stronger, 5 times quicker & heal 5 times faster then mundanes.

They can be injured, shot, burned & react to irritants, but it only slows them down because they heal so quickly. The only way to kill them is to take their heads. So we've trained in the use of the Sword & other Edged Weapons, but so have the Fangers.

As a Slayer Medic, I'm never to tackle Fangers alone. A Slayer & S.M. is the minimum, called a 'Dirk'. Two Slayers & S.M., a 'Dagger', Three Slayers & S.M., a Rapier, etc. I'm fully trained in the use of the edged weapons in order to defend my patients & m'self when necessary.

My wife, Nancy E. Moran-Culpepper, was diagnosed w/ A.L.S. on 3 Aug. '14 & on 2 July '18, Nancy lost her Battle w/ this horrid disease.

Thank's mostly to the Incompetence of the Health Care & Medical Insurance Systems!!!!!

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