Bret Sanders

San Francisco, CA

Bret Sanders

San Francisco, CA

A hard earned and proven ability in influencing young adult purchase decisions, foot traffic and brand loyalty through traditional mass media and new media advertising campaigns. And, yes, these campaigns made money – Over $100 Million in new revenue for clients (in a local market! In the Midwest! A few bucks at a time!).

Our focus is on developing Branded Entertainment, Comedy and somewhat traditional Advertising Projects that utilize HDTV footage for short form to 30 minute TV programming, DVD and Internet/Mobile video content.

Ownership of outstanding production and editing equipment is just one of our competitive advantages:

2 Sony HVR-Z1U HDTV Cameras

12 ft. Camera Crane/Jib Arm with full accessory kit

Motorized Pan/Tilt Head with Tripod or for use with Camera Crane/Jib Arm

600 lb. Capacity Camera/Crew Dolly

Set of Straight Dolly Track, 60 ft.

Set of curved Dolly Track, 180 degrees

2 Professional Tripods with Bogen 501 Fluid Heads

Remote Studio Lighting System, Three Point with Soft Boxes and Stands

2 Wireless Audio Systems, Clip-on Lavaliere Mikes

On Camera NRG Lighting System and Battery Belt Pack

GlideCamPro2000 with Low Extension Kit for ground level shots

2 High Definition Wide Angle Lenses

2 High Definition Lens Filter Kits (Fluorescent, Polarized and UV/ND)

Plus the myriad of other necessary (read expensive) accessories required to successfully capture stunning HD footage. Once on tape, we then begin the post production process, again with all the latest and greatest HDTV editing and output equipment (read real expensive).

Ahh, the price for Art... Art, that is, that can generate millions of dollars in new revenue for a client company.

Specialties: Highly Productive Creative with over 1000 Radio commercials, 100+ TV commercials and 35 Broadcast TV shows, Produced from Conception to Executed Media Campaigns. Bringing Vision & Courage to Any Project.