Bret Jensen

Writer, Editor, and Analyst in Miami, Florida

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It's true, TipRanks has rated me in the top 5% of the over 8,000 financial analysts and bloggers for performance. Since 2013, my followers on Real Money Pro, Seeking Alpha and Investors Alley continue to make me one of the top trafficked contributors. I attribute this to the approach I've taken when it comes to investing. The recognition by colleagues and subscriber base is a testimonial that this investing strategy produces profitable results. It has worked for me, and for many who have followed. I hope it works just as well in your investment portfolio. Happy Hunting!

I am Editor and Portfolio Manager of several subscription-based investment services including The Biotech Forum on Seeking Alpha, and on Investor’s Alley the Biotech Gems, Blue Chip Gems and Small Cap Gems newsletters. The specific focus of each service is to provide deep research and analysis on these under followed high beta and high alpha sectors of the stock market with significant potential for outsized alpha.

Specializing in profiling high beta sectors, my success in finding what I call “gems” in these highly volatile market sectors catapulted my status as an expert in this area of the stock market. These spaces proven hugely successful in the biotech and small cap stock sectors have empowered my investing portfolio over the past two decades.

Shotgun investing is a term that I have applied as a strategy over the years that has stuck with investors. This type of investment strategy requires making small bets across a myriad of promising but speculative stocks to mitigate risk in these highly volatile sectors of the market. I have personally profited from this approach as have many followers and subscribers of my investment services.

I attended Arizona State University and graduated with a B.S. in Finance. I have since spent the past two decades in technology and finance. I held the position of Technology Director for American Express, then left to head a small hedge fund as Co-Founder and Chief Investment Strategist for Simplified Asset Management. My full-time trading parlayed into writing analysis and reports in the stock market and publishing online.

  • Education
    • Arizona State University