Bret Jolliffe

Vancouver, Canada

I suppose it makes sense to write a bio. You probably want to know who I am if you're visiting this page. When I was in high school, I made a pinata of an obese teacher before she went in to get her stomach stapled and filled it full of sugar free candy. A couple weeks before the date of the operation, I orchastrated the class to be in a cleared out room and have the pinata hanging in the center as she entered. A lot of behind the scenes work went into that, but it's not engaging enough to make the cut on my bio. When she did walk into the room, I handed her a bat and said "Look, if you're going to beat obesity, then you're going to have to BEAT obesity."

Today I put a note in the kitchen at work that said "You guys are out of sugar. Deal with it. - Cody" (Cody got me the job, and this was an inappropriate thing to do as it implied he was irritable to our coworkers.

There's a lot more fun stuff I've done. Like... A lot.

But what's really interesting is whatever's happening next.

And I can say that genuinely because I'm in as much suspense as you are about it.

Let's be friends or something.

Don't be offended that the only person I intend on favoriting is Taz.

It's just... He was the first suggested page that I recognized, and then I started to think how much work it's going to be for me to actually go track down everyone that I know and become their fan and it got super overwhelming/my boss walked by and it was weird because even though he didn't say anything I knew his thought was along the lines of "Is Bret seriously just sitting there looking up the professional lives of men in his area?"

So no. Not going to risk that anymore.

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