Brett E. Freeman

“I believe weare created by Love-Itself that manifested in flesh so we’d KNOW we are lovedby Love-Itself that created us to love and to be loved. In this case, I believe we ALL shouldlovingly create to serve others, ourselves and our Creator as part of the lifewe are created for... We all should becreating with love, for love, in the image of love.” - Brett E. Freeman / “bfree!”

Freeman first approached a surface to create art in 2005. Well into his 30’s at the time, he found himself disillusioned with the all too popular culture of consuming people, places and things for identity, pride and attempts at satiation. Feeling a need for a different lifestyle, Brett sat watching an artist-friend work on a large abstract piece… Something clicked. From that point on, “bfree!” has been off and running. His abstract, multi-media pieces make bold statements using found items, bold colors and more than occasionally, words. And, likethe tossed out items he often uses to create art, Brett feels we too shouldfeel free to repurpose and up-cycle ourselves and others in our lives. Be free to live outside the black & whitelines of stereo-types and prejudice that shackle us, all too often. Be free to re-create yourself. Be free to love more… Be free to create!