Brett Jones

I am the founder of Key Connections Recruitment. A Cape Town based, Technology Recruitment Company specialising in placing software and web development professionals throughout South Africa.

I completed my degree in computer science at UJ in 2004, and after a short working holiday in the US I moved to London hoping to start a career as a developer. But this didn't pan out for me as planned, and lured by the promise of a big pay check, I found myself in the tech recruitment industry. My comp sci background definitely gave me an edge over other tech recruiters in the industry, some of whom don't know the difference between "Java" and "JavaScript"! Shocking really!

Almost 5 years later I was leading one of the most successful recruitment teams in the company. This was when I had to decide whether to stay in London forever OR take a leap of faith and move to Cape Town with my long term girlfriend (now wife:) Happily I made the right choice, left cold & wet London, moved to beautiful Cape Town! Upon returning to SA I realised that there were no real specialist recruitment companies. They all claim to be specialists in IT (that's quite a broad area to be a specialist in, don't you think?). And so, I founded Key Connections.

I make it my mission to build lasting relationships with talented developers AND connect them with SA's most awesome companies. I often work with developers that are not on the job market or actively looking for work smart enough to keep their options open. I don't just play "buzz word bingo" and spam developers with every job that comes my way! I take the time to find out what their dream job would be, and I contact them when an awesome opportunity comes along.

I am passionate about new technology, gadgets, entrepreneurship, and have a keen interest in the growing start up scene in SA (particularly in the "Silicon Cape". I am currently working on a start up idea to disrupt the tech recruitment industry in SA. Watch this space :)