Brett Mckinney

Hythe, Kent

So... about me. Im a 24 year old computer enthusiast from Hythe in Kent!

I am recently married, and currently work for Santander in Hythe, where my job requires me to provide amazing customer service, and before that I worked at Iceland. Chances are, if your from the area, you've met me in the past!

I am currently studying towards a Bsc(hons) in Computing and IT at the Open Univertsity, and have already completed my first year of study, and almost completed my 2nd. I am currently studying towards a CCNA as part of my degree, and next year I am going to study towards an ITIL in project management! So far, im average marks of between 85 and 90% across all my modules, so im not doing too badly!

I have been playing around with computers since I was just 12 years old, and have self taught myself practically everything that I know. I built my first website, hand coded in HTML at 12. By the age of 13, I had taught myself PHP with mySQL, and have continued progressing on my knowledge since then. I also have a keen interest in hardware as well as software, and have built countless machines, from basic internet accessable machines, to hardcore gaming machines.

As part of my University Degree, I have been learning Java, when combined with my existing knowledge of PHP and mySQL, I have been able to extend my knowledge to many similar languages, including an understanding of with C#.

When im not working, studying or spending time with my wife, im gaming! I love online worlds, and regularly play EvE Online, World of Warcraft and countless other online IPs. I am a supporter or various kickstarted games, and regularly alpha/beta test new titles, attempting to help improve them before they are released for public access.

At this point in life, I am aiming to move into a career in IT, which is where my true passions lie, and hopefully, I will get there sooner rather than later!

My goal in life, is to retire, with a happy family, a legacy, a large house, and a games room big enough for a Snooker Table!! Everything that I do, is to work towards this goal, and it is what guides me day to day, in both my social, and business endeavors.

So if i was to describe myself in one sentence.... this would be it:

"A friendly, hard working and kind hearted, married GEEK with a desire to get on with life, and an ambitious personality"

  • Work
    • Santander UK Plc
  • Education
    • Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone