Brett Oubre

After serving the United States in Operation Desert Storm. Brett Oubre’s continued professional education includes the NADA Dealer Academy’s General Manager Course. With extensive experience in management, as well as in sales, advertisement, and personnel training, Brett Oubre is an able industry leader proficient with Act II and Microsoft Office Client Management Software. While still at McNeese State University, Brett Oubre immediately began as an Insurance Agent with the Southwest Louisiana Insurance Agency. Over a period of three years, Brett Oubre built an extensive client base from the ground up. The clients he found generated $65,000 per year in commission. Brett Oubre trained a team of agents so that they could sell services and products successfully, as well. Moving, in 1994, to the Baton Rouge Oil Company of Louisiana, Brett Oubre took charge of sales forecasting and reporting and budgeting functions. Brett Oubre utilized his already impressive skills to retain 96 percent of customers while building the company’s customer base by 200 percent. Identifying and creating key business accounts, Brett Oubre led his team in increasing the revenues of the south Louisiana territory from $360,000 to $4 million or more each year. Ultimately, Brett Oubre negotiated the company’s sale in 1999. Bringing his talents to, Inc., Brett Oubre opened new markets in the Southeast and the Midwest, as well as along the Gulf Coast. Under his direction, the gross profit of each new market averaged about $1.2 million. During his tenure, Brett Oubre also enhanced the company’s market share by roughly 15 percent annually. While repeatedly reaching the highest closing percentage rate, Brett Oubre earned his place as Salesperson of the Quarter for the first three quarters of 2000. Currently, Brett Oubre serves as President of Brett Oubre, L.L.C. Working from his great experience, Brett Oubre leads the market and project analysis, acquisition, and development of real estate ventures. Recently, Brett Oubre created and leased over 85,000-square-feet of new retail space across seven different shopping centers. All available room was completely leased before the construction of each building.