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How is the infection caused?

If you are wondering how the root canal infection is caused, it is because of d oral hygiene and improper care given by the person. If you are suffering with such an infection, you should be careful next time and prevent its occurrence. You will want to know how. Any tiny cracks in the teeth will allow bacteria to enter the root canal and these bacteria will kill the dental pulp in the roots. This is nothing but the infection and there are high chances of it spreading. So it should be removed immediately. The symptoms which you should not ignore is constant pain in the gums and while chewing the food.

How is it treated?

This root canal infection is treated by removing the infected pulp in the roots. This root canal in San Antonio done by your dentist will be painful and thus, you can ask him to use an anesthesia before starting the procedure. This is done using a drill and the empty space is given a filling. This will take a maximum of two sessions depending on the intensity of the infection which is caused to the roots. After the treatment is done, you will have to follow a restricted diet to ensure that the sensitivity of the teeth is not harmed in any manner. All you should do is maintain a semi liquid diet and eat a lot of ice cream so that the itches and aches are soothed for good.