Brett Prockish

As a soon to be graduate from Kansas State University’s College of Business I am enthusiastically preparing for a new career and the next chapter in my life. I am 27 and am untraditional student. I started school at the age of 21 and left at the age of 23. It was not for me at the time and I had so much of the world to travel and discover. After a couple years of traveling I felt something was missing, I yearned for the education I once left and felt somewhat lost. I came to the Chicago and started school again at the age of 25. I was worried being an untraditional student would put me at a disadvantage however I found just the opposite to be true. I feel it is my strength. I have traveled the world and learned much about cultures, society, and myself. I have found my weakness and strengths and harnessed the drive I have for successes. I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to develop creative and meaningful solutions to issues faced in the communication, marketing and financial fields

  • Education
    • Kansas State University