Bret Taylor

Bret Taylor, Ventura Coast Youth Baseball Vice President and credentialed teacher, is a long term resident of the State of California. Although Mr. Taylor currently works for Smithson Fire Protection as a Fire Suppression Technician, he has spent years working with California youth, as a teacher and football and baseball coach. Bret Taylor recently received a clear credential to teach social studies in secondary education from California Lutheran University. Prior to receiving this credential, Mr. Taylor was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in History from California State University. He additionally completed a course in ESL instruction the University of California and a Master of Education in Physical Education degree through Azusa Pacific University. In addition to working for Smithson Fire Protection and serving Ventura Coast Youth Baseball, Bret Taylor is a stringer for the Los Angeles Daily News, a position he has held since 2008. In this capacity, he writes a weekly segment based on a local football games as well as boys and girls basketball and volleyball games. In creating these articles, he includes stats, highlights, and quotes from players and coaches about the games. When not working on fire protection, writing, or working with the youth of California, Mr. Taylor likes to spend time with his wife and two stepsons.