Brett Batchelor

Visual communications is the most important element in today’s high paced marketing environments. Catching the attention span of the modern professional requires eye-popping graphics and branding. With an arsenal of multimedia weaponry that will blow away the competition. Brett Batchelor is dedicated to accelerating your company to the front of the pack.

Experience drawn from working with a superabundance of software, multimedia, and web development companies, Brett’s design, deadline, and technical skills are what you are looking for.

Brett is noted for creating the Centennial 2013 Logo for Washington State Parks as well as working with many prestigious clients in the Northwest. When he's not busy designing, Brett enjoys riding his motorcycle and playing guitar.

Posses the skills, and vivid imagination, that will contribute to your company’s production of high quality visual communications. Get in the game now, and move to the front with a cutting edge designer like Brett Batchelor.