Brett Callingham

General Manager in New South Wales, Australia

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GENERAL MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS PROFESSIONAL ► Improving operational performance while boosting bottom-line profits to unparalleled achievement.

LEADERSHIP CANDIDATE ► Has managed budgets up to $100M and led cross-functional teams of more than 200.

PROVEN SUCCESS ► Consistent achievements in quality, productivity, safety, operations, change and growth within the government and private sectors.

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Change is inevitable in today’s dynamic business environments, be it rightsizing, restructuring or re-engineering. It guarantees uncertainty, and is one of the most crucial and relevant concepts for organisations.

But change can also yield momentous possibilities for creating new synergies and passion – something that I’ve leveraged throughout my career as a catalyst for enabling operational and general management success.

Whether it’s capitalising on the re-instatement of corporate vision and rapidly revitalising culture, reducing redundant headcount while concurrently hiring valuable human assets with the right attitude, or establishing a corporate governance framework to ensure fully informed decision-making, my strengths lie in developing lean organisations and driving them to success by achieving more with less.


►BUSINESS + COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT: I am equally strong in repositioning businesses for improved profits, frequently tapped to take on seemingly unconquerable growth challenges.

►OPERATIONAL + CHANGE MANAGEMENT: I have reversed prior history of low efficiency, quality, and engagement through restructuring and right-sizing, delivering change management solutions that produced significant savings for organisations.

►PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: I lead by example, and construct collaborative teams from the ground-up, and then rally teams to achieve stretch goals.

Primed to step up to my next business challenge, I am open to exploring how I can help your organisation achieve its goals for 2016.