Brett Cameron

Brett Cameron joined REDEV in 2005, being hand picked from another Canadian property company. He has been in the property business since 2003. Prior to this he has worked in private equity brokering, IT consulting and has also had various media roles including writing and photography.

Brett is originally from Melbourne, Australia and grew up in Hong Kong in the 80's, being educated both in Hong Kong and in Australia. Brett has a passion for photography and being a great Dad.

About REDEV:

Established commercial property, prudently leveraged, is known to provide greater stability, safety and more reliable cash-flow than other forms of property investment.

REDEV Properties divides the ownership of Canadian commercial / retail plazas into affordable stakes, so individual investors can co-own and enjoy the benefits of owning commercial property, such as immediate cash-flow based on the rental return, and increase only leases.

REDEV calls their ownership structure a "REIG" (Real-estate Income & Gain), which much like a private equity real estate investment trust (REIT) however, under REDEV's formula investors own the actual property.

REDEV applies a diligent and disciplined approach to acquiring Canadian plazas in established and proven locations of Alberta and Ontario. All plazas provide long-term positive cash flow and are managed to maintain consistent and reliable income. Strategies are put in place to increase rental income, further enhance the properties' value and maximize capital gain.

REDEV takes care of the whole process from acquisition, due diligence, to division of ownership and appoints chartered professionals, property managers, accountants, legal and arranges financing. Every process is managed on behalf of the investor.

Since 2001 REDEV has acquired and partnered 29 Canadian plazas worth over CAD 350 Million to 5000 investors, many of whom are repeat buyers and many live near the actual plazas, which speaks highly for the properties' location, cash-flow and value.

The REIG program has been offered in Asia since 2004. REDEV has a presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and is expanding to other countries.