Brett Cotham

Dentist in Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States

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Brett Cotham is a dentist located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Brett is a graduate of the University of Missouri- Kansas City, where he studies biology and then continued his education by enrolling in the dental school; he enrolled in the Honors Oral Surgery Program.

After graduating from school with his D.D.S., Brett Cotham began his professional career with Highland Family Dentistry in Highland, Arkansas as an Associate Dentist. Brett later transitioned to Brady’s, a family dentistry and cosmetics practices in north central Arkansas. He has remained with the dentistry for several years and has recently been made a Partner with the practice.

Brett is known for his extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry. He specializes with a new technology called “Smile Design,” which helps patients visualize what a new smile would look like before any actual corrective action is taken. In addition, Brett has proven himself as extremely adept in root canal procedures, bone grafting and implantation.

When he his not working with teeth, Brett Cotham enjoys traveling as much as possible. For Brett Cotham, traveling provides the opportunity to escape daily life and experience the world from a different perspective. The world has a lot to offer, from different foods to cultures to ideas. Brett Cotham plans to see it all.

  • Work
    • Fayetteville Family Denstistry
  • Education
    • University of Missouri, Kansas City
    • University of Missouri, Columbia