Brett Eisner

My name is Brett Eisner and I'm a 7th grade student and I am in a cool class called IB Prep. We have a lot of technology such as macs, iPads, recording booths, cannon cameras, etc. We do an immense amount of projects, and my favorite yet was the rube goldberg project, where we designed our own machine rube goldberg styled, and had to make it hit a ping pong ball off of its perch from 5 feet away. It is led by the one and only Mr. Diaz, who is also the mesa teacher. He is always assigning new projects, and making sure we are always on task. He gives us an unlimited amount of resources. The most projects we have had at once was 3. It may not sound like a lot, but if you had to do it, you would understand. My least favorite project that I was assigned this year was the famous mathematician(which I am still working on), because I made a bad choice on which math mathetician I was going to choose, because there is very limited information on him. But in overally speaking, this is a very fun class and very enjoyable.