Brett Kelly

I write code and English for Evernote Corporation.

I write about technology and creativity and other crap at

I'm a co-founder of the LifeRemix blog network.

I was a blogger at The Unofficial Apple Weblog for a short while.

I'm the author of the finest guide to Evernote you're likely to ever find.

I occasionally mumble like an idiot while my smart friends talk on The Bro Show.

I post a lot of inane garbage on my cute little Tumblr.

I'm a proud member and chief code wrangler of the Read & Trust network.

I occasionally (read: very infrequently) write about being a parent on

I live with my lovely wife and two kids in the southern quarter of California, approximately fifteen US minutes from Disneyland. I enjoy Apple products and smart people and moderate amounts of fancy alcoholic beverages. I'm a coffee enthusiast, college dropout and a Christian of the Anglican Catholic persuasion. I have more tattoos than most people.