Brett Lashlee

Volunteer in Tennessee

I have "worn a lot of hats" professionally during my 35+ years in the workforce so diversity of knowledge and skill would be my greatest strength and asset as I approach an ever challenging and engaging future ahead. However, my predominant skill is in the realm of Finance and Accounting due to my educational qualifications and civilian working experience. Throughout my life I had worked in city/state park sanitation, labor, and service positions; mom & pop businesses; customer service positions with Fortune 50 companies; and the ole "field hand" work during the summers growing up and in college. I did whatever it took to make ends meet working up to 5 jobs at one time during college! After college, have had the pleasure to work as a Finance Analyst, Accounts Payable Manager, Staff and Senior Level Accountant at prestigious accounting firms. My specialty would have been in the areas of Taxation and Finance & Accounting Management. I now work as an International Analyst for a Fortune 25 company.

Additionally, I also wear the dual hat of being a member of the US Armed Forces, having served formerly in the Army Reserves and now in the Tennessee Army National Guard. My military background relates to being a Combat Medic, Finance & Accounting NCO, Contracting Officer(Acquisition & Logistics), and now as an Inspector General Assistant. Additionally, I have served as Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Section or Detachment NCOIC, Disbursing Agent and Disbursing NCO. Inclusively, as a citizen-soldier (part-time) I have over 40 months of combat zone experience, 50+ months of mobilization experience, and 60+ months of active duty time.

I love being an active member of my community whether it be civic and social, or political organizations. All have a direct impact on the quality of life we experience whether it be in out hometown or employment worlds. I am not one to sit on the sideline, but would rather be involved so as to gain the maximum life experiences such active participation will give! My spare time is spent in church and church related projects, charitable organizations, genealogy, cemetery restoration, travel related to American history, sports of many types, hiking and the outdoors. I am a proud father of 3 grown children!