Brett Marl

Brett Marl

Brett is a creative, technology-focused serial entrepreneur.

He's currently leading a team of innovators in the Azure Data Platform Group at Microsoft to explore new opportunties for Microsoft.

Before this he boostrapped - a talent contest site and - THRIVE bringing online art classes to kids around the world. Prior to this he was the CTO for the Prosumer BU at Cisco. Before that Brett was the CTO of Pure Networks, sold to Cisco in 2008, the Founder/CTO of ViAir, sold to Visto in 2004, and worked for Microsoft for many years as a Developer/Manager.

He's passionately married to Theresa (a mompreneur), owner of Thrive Art School and mum to our two rambunctious boys.

Brett was born in Chester, UK and schooled in an eleventh century castle at Durham University.

He's the inventor on over twelve patents in the software industry and loves nothing more than dreaming up and executing new ideas.

He's an ultralight backpacking lunatic, a decent snowboarder, an ex-rock climber (quit after not finding any UFO's on top of Devils Tower), a DIY enthusiast, wanna-be photographer, messy chef, world traveller and more.

Brett drives a ridiculously over-valued fourteen year old Defender 90.

He wishes he had mad graphic design skills, had time to practice Yoga and hopes he can instill the same hard-working entrepreneurial ethic in his kids that his dad passed down to him.