Brett M. Berliner

Englewood, NJ

When I was eight years old I fell in love with the game of basketball. As I played throughout all of junior high and high school I became an NBA junkie and developed a fascination for its superstars, rosters and coaches (sometimes to the point that, if I was bored in my eighth-grade class, I'd jot down every 1990s starting lineup just to pass the time). I pride myself in fully researching and quantifying statistical NBA information to this day. I also loved NBA video games so whenever I started my customized New York Knicks season I would audio-record myself commentating the games I played (play-by-play or color), impersonating some of the NY greats such as Marv Albert and Mike Breen.

By the time I reached my senior year of high school and had the mandatory meeting with my guidance counselor, I knew that I would major in communications and then work my way towards broadcasting. Four years of college breezed by as I fully experienced the academic training of public speaking, writing for the media, newswriting, and radio broadcasting. However I also learned about the business of film, field video production, and TV studio editing which enabled me to land an internship for Revolution Studios' "Across the Universe('05)" and then a part-time job for Universal Pictures' "American Gangster('06)."

Once I finished those projects and received my bachelor's degree I went into the restaurant business for a time (including restaurant manager for almost two years). It wasn't until I took an internship at that I developed a serious love for sportswriting and became ambitious towards it. From then on I focused on picking any NBA, NFL, or MLB game/event and writing about it. Sometimes I wrote mock sports stories; other times I wrote sports analysis. In the present day, I have my own sports blog (NBA Scoop with Brett M. Berliner) and have so far completed my most creative project, an audio podcast with former Knick color commentator Cal Ramsey.

  • Education
    • Bachelors Degree (Communications Arts), Ramapo College of New Jersey