Bretton Lind

Technology Consultant in Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah native, love my family, the oldest of 13 children and the father of 7 and bonus father of 5 children. Happily married for eternity! Serve in various capacities in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Actively building the Movement of Responsibility - raising money to promote responsible personal, corporate and religious governance. Also founder of a technology infrastructure consulting organization called Corewise Group.

Corewise Group reaches deep and wide into companies operational and marketing strategies to secure alignment with our transformational technology services to increase business intelligence, accelerate market penetration, improve communications, simplify business operations, enhance customer awareness & support.

We help identify and deploy systems that enable greater agility, awareness and sustainability.

Expertise in ...

- Data Center & Connectivity Infrastructure/Services

- People Performance Measurement and Continuous Improvement

- Global Payment Processing and POS Systems

- VoIP & Call Intelligence

- Medical Practice Management Systems

- High-end AV Automation & Systems

- LIVE Mobile Broadcasting, Video On Demand, Digital Video Magazine Infrastructure

- Personal Performance Systems

- Social Marketing Automation

- CRM - Sales Automation

We enjoy helping corporations leverage technology to make major transformational impacts by WISELY and RESPONSIBLY empowering the people they serve!