Brett Scheige

Wayne, NJ

I'm a New Jersey kid trying to make it big in the sports industry. I'm hoping my relentless passion and determination to work hard will lead to a successful and happy job. As a UMass student, I've gained valuable experience in two prominent leadership roles: Vice President for Zeta Beta Tau, and Director of Marketing for the Association of Diversity in Sports. I've become deeply immersed in campus activities and participate regularly in philanthropic and community events. I declared a second major in Operations and Information Management to learn about the analytical and large data frameworks that I'm hoping to translate into a sport setting. I really enjoy exercising, watching sports, playing sports, playing video games, and traveling. I'm a very curious perosn and often find myself searching deep in the cave mines of Google for interesting facts and tid bits. I have a secret passion for astronomy and how the universe works and came to be.

  • Work
    • Marketing Coordinator at Supercuts Soccerfest
  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst