Brett Shoemaker

Austin, Texas

In 5 short years, we went from living paycheck to paycheck to earning over a million dollars of earnings in Network Marketing!!! Not only that, but the industry of Direct Sales / Network Marketing has allowed my wife and I to raise our two sons on our terms, and not forced to watch them grow up in pictures and hustle back and forth from work, school, & Daycare. As I like to say, “I was able to reverse the American role of WORKING FULL-TIME and LIVING PART-TIME." My wife and I now enjoy being able to take our children to places such as Disney World for a weeks at a time, waterparks ALL DAY in the middle of the week, and attend school functions during normal “corporate America” business hours. Prior to Network Marketing, these opportunities and options did not exist when someone else was controlling our schedules. I have to stress that having FREEDOM & OWNING YOUR LIFE is an empowering experience that we were all created to have. In addition to the substantial income & freedom we have earned in the industry of Network Marketing, we have experienced life transforming personal development, leadership, team camaraderie, and how to truly develop a unified culture that we had never been exposed to.

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