Software Engineer in Winona, MN

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I was previously a senior developer and Tech Lead for Aol Tech, doing web development for Engadget, TUAW, Joystiq and others. I left that job to pursue an independent career as a web/app developer, podcaster, and writer working in Winona, MN.

I develop Marked 2, the best darn Markdown tool in the world.

I blog. I've written for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, MacStories, Macworld, Lifehacker, and am self-published on iBooks.

I have a podcast called Systematic, chock full of interviews with amazing people. Speaking of amazing people, I also have a podcast with Christina Warren called Overtired.

In my free time, I enjoy nerdery, geekery and coding mad science.

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    • Independent
  • Education
    • Minneapolis College of Art and Design