Brett Wade/Glenda Rae

Brett Wade

The city of Vancouver, British Columbia has cultivated a reputation for supplying some of Canada’s finest musicians, and Brett Wade is certainly best of breed. A triple threat musician, Brett has cemented his reputation as a guitarist, vocalist, and bassist, and anchored groups that enjoyed major label contract success. Brett possesses one of the most distinctive voices in Canadian professional music. Soulful and expressive, Brett’s vocal delivery can be found gracing many recordings. Brett’s signature guitar playing is revered by guitar aficionados everywhere.

Glenda Rae

It would not be an overstatement to describe Glenda Rae's voice as one of the great instruments in popular music. She has been working as a studio vocalist since the age of twelve. Her gift is singular. The delight in discovery is a real treat for expectant audiences. Glenda never disappoints.

Over the last ten years, Brett and Glenda have developed a wonderful musical collaboration called “Duo” featuring soulful vocals supported with superb acoustic guitar. A “Duo” performance offers unique renditions of jazz, r&b, and pop tunes.