Bre. Smith

Winterville, North Carolina

As a Business man i am an Author, model ,producer and Director all self taught trades by aligning myself with the right people at the right time I have a keen eye for fashion and also to take raw talent and bring the very best out of an indiviual to help them achieve there dreams via my company Authorboi Entertainment Group

where do I begin how much do of myself am I really willing to give is a Question I ask on a daily Basis!!! the majority of people are not going to read this anyway so they wont know I am a cancer survivor of 9 years cancer free !! with no merit of my own but by the stripes of my creator Jesus Christ yes I am a Believer and saved working on the sanctified part but who isn't ??? my ambitions and dreams are bigger than most can fathom but being a Pisces I am a dreamer and there is nothing wrong with having a dream if martin Luther didn't have a dream where would are people be . I am a Family man and loyal friend to a fault I wear my heart on my sleeve but I am no pushed over and my discernment is sharp and I see very well . so you have been warned I just usually allow a person to expose there self . I don't have spokesmen who I am is who I am no fake or phony personalities take me or leave me Is my altitude and you should know this last thing I don't like for my time to be taken fore granted trust and believe there is someone out there that will value me as I do then if you cant . well if you made it this far then welcome and don't just be a follower but say hello I am a pretty open guy grace and peace be unto you @ThereaBre'vard © Profile Original & Official █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌║▌@therealbrevard

  • Work
    • Wells Fargo
  • Education
    • Stamford High School