Brew Happy

Portland, OR

Brew Happy is a multimedia project based out of Portland, OR that utilizes different forms of media in an attempt to connect people and different craft beer communities together to establish a network of resources for craft brewing enjoyment.

The Brew Happy Show is televised on Portland Community Media and follows the show's host – Damian – on a craft beer adventure featuring guests that each have a story to tell about craft beer. The show interviews with Professional Brewers and Home Brewers alike, as well as other craft brew enthusiasts; Brew Happy specializes in craft beer journalism and entertainment.

It started about 3 years ago with a small radio program called Brew Happy about the Portland brewing scene. By adapting his concept to video media Damian DeBuiser began documenting more of his experiences to share with others. Before he knew it, The Brew Happy Show was being broadcast not only on local television but on the Internet as well (Blip.TV and YouTube). “I've gotten such great feedback so far, and it's so exciting to know that some of the information I provide is useful as well as entertaining.”, says Damian DeBuiser, Brew Happy host and creator.

Television and Radio are the two main outlets for this collective of craft beer enthusiasts. For your pleasure to watch, listen, and learn about your favorite brews, and why they make us so happy!