The Breya SurfBoard

The Breya SurfBoard

Dear Lovely Inquirer,

You're In For A Treat..(pulling out a chair) Here You Go.. have a seat..My name is Breya Knight and I'm the Brightest Crayon In The Box..I love to laugh..Music gets me Excited (Last Night A DJ Saved My Life).. Poetry & Writing has helped me grow..Artis the double stitch that I love to sew..Fashion Is My Passion.. Theater/Movies&Acting tickle my fancy..God is Supercalifragioulsy Amazing. And I'm just happyglad to be here, I just want to be successful..My Heart is a MixTape.. My Life Is An OpenMic.. I Have A Blackberry Diary..And Graphic T-Shirts energize me..Alot of things don't phase me I Have to remain #Fearless.. I have hundreds of ideas and i'm currently turning my dreams into reality..Now..My talents in these areas are available.. Im here to network and make it work, check me out.. I'm a great investment.. (*-*) Stardom......

Cowabunga..Done & Full Of Fun.. Completely Yours, Breeeeeeeeeeeee

(Artist..(Designer::Graphics..Fashion::)..Sketching, Painting) 20yrs Experience

(Musician:: Singer..Writer..Music Collaborator..Name That Tune Champion..Jukebox Queen..Genre Specialist) 20yrs Experience

(Actress::Poet::Performer) Born Experienced

(Writer::Playwright::Author::Blogger) Born Experienced