Bruce Reyes-Chow

coach, Author, and Pastor in San Francisco, California

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⅕ Pastor and Chaplain - Spend hours a day curating content and interacting with folks around all issues of life, faith and politics. While not really "paid" it is a calling thru which I get to be a pastor.

⅕ Preacher and Speaker - I am one of those who has the privilege speak at events and preach at churches . . . and get paid for it. I usually speak about the use of social media, race, culture and their relationship with faith.

⅕ Consultant and Coach - Through the Center for Progressive Renewal I work with churches and individuals around leadership, strategic planning, church planting and technology.

⅕ Blogger and Author - I blog on a variety of issues and topics. I have also written three books: one on race conversations, one on social media and the church, and one Lenten prayer devotional. My parenting book will be out in 2016.

⅖ Stay at Home Dad - My best job is, along with my wife Robin, parenting our three daughters, Evelyn, Abby and Annie.

  • Work
    • speaking, writing, consulting, coaching
  • Education
    • bachelors, masters, honorary doctorate