Brianne Hanna

I am the Grand daughter of Majorie L. Riggin and Benjamin Riggin. Grandma was one of the people responsible for the introduction and implementation of the Women, Infant and Child program in the state of Kansas. My grandfather was a Civil Engineer, who never thought things couldn't be repaired and everythng could be useful. No answer was ever simple, but that was ok and knowing why something was more complex than at first thought was supposed to be as interesting as the answer inself. Leading me to embrace Complexity Theory when I finally realized there was a label and research backing up the way I had always seen the world.

These two people were my biggest positive influences in my life both personally and professionally, and I hope I can live up to who they were, what they accomplished in thier lives and the pride in me they always showed.

  • Education
    • MPH Tulane University Global Health Systems and Development 2015
    • BA University of Kanas African Studies 2008