Bri Nicolette




1. A period of happiness, tranquility, and romance

2. Also known as an online apparel boutique which is dedicated to bringing forth rare and foreign flavors to the average consumer's palate.

IDYLL is an shop that currently has one full time Creator who brings you the items seen on this site. The current Creator has infiltrated our inner psyche with her love of spikes, flowers and anything circa 90's grunge/teen angst/runaway and a bit of runway pieces. All of the items seen here have been handcrafted by our Creator for you to savor. If you wish for our Creator to customize a piece for you please email her at [email protected] or you can follow her personal blog at The evening that IDYLL slithered from a thought through our lips was in November of 2011 and we have been online since. We are located in a small basement in the suburbian jungle outside of the outskirts of Chicago and wish to expand IDYLL so that it may have a cramped and creatively hidden storefront deep within the city's inner circle. On behalf of IDYLL, we would like to thank you for stumbling upon our shop!