Briana Carolan

I am seeking a full time position in Finance, specifically related to and dealing with investment strategies, with a company who is looking to grow their business and increase their presence while helping clients invest and plan for the future.

As a screener for State Street Global services my role is to verify incoming transactions, making sure that the parties involved are legitimate, confirming that the fund number on the ticket is correct, and analyzing and filing each ticket under a specific classification. I have also worked in the advertising and marketing industry with Juniperks, an up-and-coming social media meets sustainability website. During this time I worked closely with the founder, Rick Gallagher, and was given the opportunity to learn about marketing strategies, professionalism, team work, and fostering successful client relationships.

I'm looking forward to working in the Finance and Investment industry. As a fast learner, I can grow beyond my current entry level experience quickly, offering your company a great asset as an employee. I thrive in both independent and team-oriented work environments and can effectively represent the company in professional settings.