Bri Cash

Actor, Musician, and Mother in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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June 10, 2016.

Written by: Tee Blayze

Edited by: Brina Persa

Canadian born Bri Cash emerges out of Toronto's underground hiphop scene as an upcoming icon. The multi-talented gem enjoys recording music, modelling and acting. Her hobbies include writing, going to the gym, meditating and cooking. She is humorous, loves her children and has a strong passion for humanitarian interests which works well for her as her spirit is one that people gravitate to and her life is one that many relate to.

Growing up between Toronto Canada and Bronx New York USA, Bri was the product of a broken home and abuse which left her needing an outlet. She utilized music, dance and writing as that outlet and release. She was good at it and loved it all but never focused on it as a profession. Her artistic expression was unknowingly being perfected. She was exposed to genres including Motown, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Soca & Reggae which gave her an overall appreciation for music and diversity in her work.

Despite her upbringing and pain, Bri has maintained a positive attitude and is pursuing an education at the University of Toronto in Digital Enterprise Management.

On Family Day, February 2015, Bri Cash represented her hometown by modelling as a Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl. She was so lit, that the entire SUN website crashed! Talk about breaking the Internet! In June 2015, she modeled again for the SUN to promote her single "Wussup" featuring Toronto recording artist Fendi Figas.

Bri Cash captivates her audience the moment she steps on the stage, but her beautiful physical features are no comparison to the natural raw talent and passion for music that she brings with her. She embodies the cultures of hip hop and reggae and mixes them creatively to produce her own style and sound. Also, she's done showcases and has been in the studio working on new music. Under promotion is her track “Enchant Love” featuring reggae artist Dwayno, which is being well received in Canada, USA and Jamaica.

Bri is now realizing what everyone around her has always seen: the extent of her talent. She is a strong, positive person who is attracting a lot of positive into her life not only with her music but with her intent. Music is her platform to achieve higher goals and her goal is to use her music and her talents to reach as many people as possible, changing lives, easing pain and spreading happiness thru her music.

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    • Project Manager
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    • Digital Enterprise Management