Diego (Briaares)González

Hi!, my name is Diego González Hernández, but some people call me Briaares, it´s like my second name. i´m from Jalisco but i live in ColimaI have 17 years old, and i´m in the highschool.

I´m a regular guy, i love the informatic and the tecnologies in a BIG level, i´m a programmer of algorithms, i went to the OMI 2015 in Chihuahua, Mexico, and now i´m in the preselective of the IOI 2016, and now, i´m part of the delegate of informatic in Colima, Mexico, i´m training the guys who will go to the OMI 2016.

For other side, i love the football, i´m fullback and defensive guard, i was training football since 2009, so, i have some experience on that.

I pass a lot of time on a web called "OmegaUp", where i do some algorithms problems with programmation, and for the moment, i´m coder of the month and i´m in the #1 on the rank of the web site.

I dont have girlfriend because i have some bad experience on that (they use me D:) sooooo, i can tell to you, good luck with that ¬¬, by the way, i´m fan of all the movies of Star Wars, it´s my favorite movie saga.

Well, i think than i finish, that´s all about me, you can say than you know me so good with that things, thanks for read this, and well, see you soon :P