Briabe Mobile

Culver city, ca, us

Founded in 2005, Briabe Mobile stands out as the first mobile advertising firm dedicated to connecting advertisers with multicultural audiences. From its inception, the company has taken a personalized, targeted approach to reaching mobile users. Today, Briabe Mobile offers three leading-edge products, Catalyst, America-Next, and the Social Network Analysis (SNA) tool, which are challenging the mobile industry status quo while allowing advertisers to achieve a measurable return on investment.

With Catalyst, Briabe Mobile empowers marketers to unite advertising and social content to create powerful engagement hubs that outperform traditional mobile applications and websites. America-Next allows marketers to target young, multicultural audiences to access the buying power of Hispanic, African American, and Asian American millennials. By deploying the SNA tool, marketers can identify high-value social conversations and influencers and determine strategies to impact those conversations.

In addition, Briabe assesses clients’ marketing vision and creates branded mobile outreach campaigns. The company also provides social media management and creative services to support clients in developing a strong social and mobile presence. More information about Briabe and its state-of-the-art mobile products is available on the company's website,