Brian Freeman, Australia

Explorer, Professional Athlete, and Adventurer in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Brian Freeman Australia is generally regarded as one of Australia's most outstanding explorers of our time. Most endurance athletes concentrate on a single sport, such as long-distance swimming or kayaking, desert and jungle racing, or survival trials.

Still, Brian Freeman Australia is unique in that he has mastered all of the challenges he faces. He has outperformed himself in every project he has tried and accomplished every goal he has set for himself. Brain Freeman Australia plans to maintain his active lifestyle for as long as humanly possible, not content to rest. Some of the items on his bucket list include skiing to both the North and South Poles; climbing the highest peak on each of the seven continents' seven summits; claiming the Triple Crown of ocean swimming; and completing The Peak and Pond Challenge, which includes climbing Mt. Everest and swimming the English Channel.

Brian Freeman Australia written two books and is currently writing a third, and he’s set several world records and ‘firsts’ in adventure endurance competitions. He’s also a frequent international keynote speaker, with 15 standing ovations in many of his past presentations. Brian Freeman Australia received the Australian Geographic Society’s ‘Spirit of Adventure Award’ in 2016. Brian holds the Australian Army Active Service Medal, the International Force East Timor (INTERFET) Medal, and the Australian Defence Medal for his military accomplishments.