Brian Kersten Wisconsin

Founder and Owner at Mercy Veterinary Service in Minnesota, USA

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Born and raised on a farm in Appleton, Wisconsin, Brian Kersten's lifelong passion for animals steered him toward a fulfilling career in veterinary medicine. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with high distinction at the University of Minnesota in 1977 and later earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. These strong academic foundations propelled him into a career dedicated to the health and well-being of animals.

In 2021, responding to a need for more affordable animal care, he founded Mercy Veterinary Service in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Under his leadership, this clinic offers specialized services in small animal medicine, surgery, and dentistry at reduced prices, ensuring that quality veterinary care is accessible to pet owners regardless of their economic status.

Besides managing his clinic, Brian is a relief veterinarian in Amery, Wisconsin. In this role, he supports various veterinary practices across the region, enhancing the quality of care provided to animals and broadening his impact on the veterinary community.

His professional journey includes a significant stint beyond conventional veterinary practice. Starting his career in a mixed animal practice in Burlington, Wisconsin, he soon took a pivotal turn towards international humanitarian work. From 1985 to 1987, he was in Haiti, engaging in relief and development projects that served the local people and their animals, reinforcing his dedication to global health and welfare.

After returning to the U.S., he purchased and managed a veterinary practice in Baldwin until 2003. During this period, he also led the Pierce St. Croix Humane Society as President, championing animal welfare initiatives in his community.

Her commitment to service extends into his charitable activities. He volunteers at Today's Harvest Food Shelf, helping address food insecurity by assisting with operations and distribution. He supports Mercy Corps, contributing to their global humanitarian efforts, and also provides volunteer veterinary care at Barefoot Crow Animal Rescue, ensuring that rescued animals receive necessary medical attention.

On the personal front, he balances his professional and volunteer commitments with a robust family life. He is married with four adult children and engages in various hobbies that reflect his values of lifelong learning and personal growth, including playing the guitar, gardening, reading, and regular physical exercise.

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