Brian Ross

Consultant, Father, and Public Speaker in Oviedo, Florida

The Retirement Specialist

I am an Advisor for those concerned about college planning and retirement, a father, husband and public speaker. Long time resident of Oviedo, Florida. My interests beyond work range from running, nutrition and learning. I now understand that proper diet and exercise are a key part of a balanced life.

My insight on life and my work now has developed over many years of reading, being mentored and real life experience as an owner of multiple businesses and the unfortunate experience of the unexpected loss of my father when I was only 14, some amazing friend's and my brother Brad who had a stroke just last year at age 55.

So I am a little passionate about the time we have here.

Who am I? What makes me different? And if your on this page to consider working with me, why would you work with me?

I believe in what I am doing and I am a constant work in progress.

As a kid I remember pulling a lawn mower around my neighborhood every summer, at age 17 I started my first business. I Sold that business in college and was hired as a pharmaceutical representative for about 6 month's when a chance meeting with an older seasoned executive who became one of my mentor's, This led me to venture capital in Miami's Brickell Island. After only 3 years I started a venture cap firm called NorthStar in my 20's based on integrity and doing the right thing. We did amazing until September 11, 2001. Humbling times for America and my young family too. The next few years I worked very hard and developed into a successful mortgage broker and eventually made partner. A stressful career but I did very well until 2007 when the housing market collapse began. Fast forward to now.

I have taken a long look into my life's experiences as well as those around me. I have moved closer to God and now I am helping other's make informed decisions on effective ways to build wealth for retirement and protect their family and dreams from the unexpected.

I hold multi-state licenses on preferred platforms and have helped more than 350 families to obtain the type of insurance they need to protect, develop a strategy for college planning and successful retirement.

If this resonates with you and you feel its time to begin taking care of these important decisions. I would be honored to help you.

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