Brian Schroeder

Marketing and Sales in Austin, Texas

I absolutely love every aspect about the science of marketing and sales. In fact I've dedicated my career to it.

My career dedication has allowed me to work with a ton of very talented people across many different and varied industries such as furniture, advertising, technology, finance, and healthcare. I have been very fortunate.

I'm also lucky to be living in the hottest city in the hottest state for economic growth right now, Austin Texas. As the state continues to see record population growth, I see a world of opportunities in retail trade.

The keys to my successful career and growing business 8%-10% year over year is mostly self taught. Drawing from a profound sense of self motivation, empathy and a strong inner sales drive has consistently drove me to be at or near the top of the sales force.

You can reach me directly at 512-994-0531.

  • Education
    • Texas State University