Brian Balduzzi

Hailing from upstate New York, I grew up with a multitude of interests, from Biology to English, from music to running, from theatre to video games. I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with degrees in English, Secondary Education, and Theatre, emphasizing the reciprocal effects of storytelling and education on community building and growth.

I moved to Boston to work as a kindergarten after-school teacher, and I became aware of the law's impact on students and families. I pursued my legal education at Boston University School of Law with passion and purpose. While interning with the Women's Bar Foundation's Family Law Project, I fell in love with the intellectual challenge of tax law. Since then, I have melded my seemingly incongruous loves of theatre, education, tax and finance, and the law.

Now, I am an Estate Planning and Tax Attorney by day, and Theatre Reviewer, Producer, and Board Member by night. Some people have compared me to the legal and artistic equivalent of Clark Kent. I want to think of innovative solutions to simple and complex financial, social, and artistic problems for our community.