Brian Balser

I am married, a father, and a CAD/IT professional from Galesburg, IL.

I have worked professionally with technology over 20 years and am currently employed by Bruner, Cooper & Zuck, Inc., a medium-sized civil engineering and surveying firm, as the CAD/IT Manager managing CAD personnel and information technology.

I specialize at finding ways to apply modern technology in such a way as help others accomplish their goals. Additionally, I enjoy trouble shooting and addressing questions in such a way as to not make others feel uncomfortable.

I continuously update my education in a variety of topics driven by professional need and personal curiosity. Recently, I've also begun taking classes again with the long term goal of acquiring a B.S. in computer science.

I have gained valuable professional experience with people, hardware and software. I offer a unique perspective having worked as a CAD professional, a Technical College Instructor, a software support engineer and a CAD Manager.

I have developed Training Curriculum, support procedures, and company drafting standards. I am also well aware that everyone approaches technology from a slightly different perspective, and the key to communicating about it successfully is seeing it from another's point of view.

I try to present myself as to be proficient and flexible, able and eager to focus my wide background of experience on finding solutions and eliminating challenges.