Brian Calvery

Brian Calvery is a User Experience Designer and Prototyper at Microsoft where he works on the Lync & Skype team creating the next generation of communication and collaboration tools. He has extensive experience in UI prototyping and development in WPF, Silverlight and Universal Windows Apps, as well as HTML5 app development.

I enjoy being on the edge between UX design and development. I'm not a visual designer. I am not particuarly adept at picking colors or defining grids. I'm also not a developer. I do write code, but it is far from perfect. I work fast to convert UX ideas from wireframes or simply thoughts into quick and dirty interactive prototypes. I find that a working model exposes problems that escape detection when an idea only exists in 2 dimensions. I'm happy to throw away code, to make mistakes and try again and again to work out an idea and refine it to its maximum potential.

  • Work
    • Microsoft
  • Education
    • University of Washington
    • Visual Communication Design