Brian Carroll

History Lecturer in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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For his brilliant research skills and grip on History, Brian Carroll has earned Outstanding Faculty Research Award, College of Arts and Humanities, Central Washington Univ., 2013 and Van Dusen Fellowship (outstanding graduate student in history) from the University of Connecticut in 2000.

Brian D. Carroll is in Department of History of Moravian College (PA) where he visits Associate Professor of Public History and is History Internship Coordinator as well. Before this, Carroll worked in the Department of History at Central Washington University (2010-2017). During his tenure, he was a Faculty member (2012-2017) and served as an American Indian Studies Program Director (2016-2017), Visiting Assistant Professor (2010-2012), Assistant Professor (2012-2016), and as an Associate Professor (2016-2017).

Brian Carroll's teaching interests and specialties fall in Colonial & Revolutionary America, early national U.S., American Indian history, public history, history of medicine, history pedagogy, Atlantic World, gender/masculinity, maritime history, war & society.

Brian D. Carroll has also earned Teaching and Training Awards, Grants & Honors - Online Curriculum Development Grant, Depart. of Undergraduate Studies, CWU, 2011, Hybrid / On-Line Course Development, Center for Teaching Innovation, Salem State University, 2009 and Burke Award [for curriculum development], Landmark School, 2004. Carroll’s historian background is enriched and speaks volume.